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Science. Heck Yes. (Part 1)

By Connor Young on

As we mentioned, science is critical to Ample. We need to know we’re on track to make the most optimally healthy foods possible. We don’t see conducting studies as an extra frill when we’ve figured it all out. That’s not real science; that’s just marketing. We gotta do real clinical studies to continually improve on our nutrition profile and inform future versions.

So we teamed up with Dr. Chris Masterjohn, professor of nutrition at Brooklyn College, to be the lead researcher for our first study! He’s a total nerd, in the best kind of way.

For this first study, we’ll be looking to answer how Ample affects people’s overall health, when compared to their normal diet.

We’ll take blood and microbiome measurements of people who practice different types of diets over about 12 weeks and compare how replacing 1-2 meals per day with Ample changes these metrics.

Specifically, we’ll measure inflammatory markers, gut microbiome species composition, and blood lipids of each person. We may measure weight change/body composition, but this isn’t primary.  We may also measure subjective energy/productivity, but this will be subject to significant personal bias, and will therefore be mostly measured to inform hypotheses for future studies.

This won’t be the be-all-end-all study.  It’s going to have limitations, but will give us enough data to work with for now, and inform how we proceed to make the most nutritional Ample possible!

Science: heck yes. More details to come.

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