Who am I, and why am I doing this?

Until very recently, I lived in downtown San Francisco in a 50-person co-op packed to the gills with ambitious people with aspirations of changing the world. They were busy, high-achieving innovators. They hoped to create billion-dollar companies and constantly strove for productivity hacks, but, as is so often the case, didn’t realize how much a shitty diet could affect their own mental and physical well-being. It’s not that they didn’t care about health. It’s that prioritizing optimal nutrition just wasn’t in the cards when life got in the way.

Although their lack of productivity was concerning, it wasn’t all I worried about. I'm a nutrition geek, and have been since high school. I studied biology in college, worked in surgery, and then founded a physical therapy startup. I was all too aware of the ways their diet would alter their long-term health. In the operating room, I’d seen colon cancer resection, gastric bypasses, open-heart surgeries, and total hip replacements due to the long-term effects of poor nutrition. It was distressing to see my friends venture down a similar path.

I’ve also seen the other extreme of the nutrition spectrum. I’ve coached people who put nearly 100% effort into their own health and fitness. I started a CrossFit gym out of college, and for the last 5 years have been coaching remarkably driven clients. My clients would achieve incredible personal health, but not without considerable effort. For most high-caliber athletes, meal preparation is effectively a part-time job.

I believe a reasonable middle ground must exist. An opportunity for those unable or unwilling to devote so much of their lives to health to still be optimally healthy. In most cases, in work and in life, taking 20% of the right action leads to 80% or more of the desired results. Nowhere is this principle true than in our diets. There is a clear nutrition problem that exists for people unable to spend the time, money and mental energy to consume an optimal diet—there should be a fool-proof solution that provides us with almost all of the nutrition when preparing healthy meals when just isn’t feasible.

I don’t hope to replace salads with Ample, nor the sociality of eating.  I believe that eating meticulously-made, home-cooked food is critical to our health, and that in an ideal world, that’s what we would do. And eating with friends is completely integral to what makes us human. But I also believe that fundamentally complete nutrition should be accessible to more than just hardcore nutrition aficionados. It’s for the times when we are busy, hungry, and on the brink of making terrible nutritional choices that I made Ample.

Why should you trust me?

Now, if you're an intelligent, health-conscious person, you are probably skeptical. You’ve seen fad diets come and go, and watched miracle pills prove far from miraculous. You’ve been lied to by unethical food companies, and misled by well-intentioned but misinformed “health gurus”. I get it. In fact, I wrestled over whether it was even worth getting into an industry that I so despised. The food and supplement worlds have created so much pseudo-science, “bro-science” and misleading marketing, paired with non-transparent labeling, that it's difficult to trust any of it anymore.

This is why I'm not asking for your blind trust. I'm asking you to think critically, and then make your own decision on the validity of Ample. Do the research; find the opinions of third-party experts that you trust. And if at that point, you decide to try Ample, great.

Once you start using Ample, don’t stop being critical. I want you to be honest with yourself. Nutrition is personalized, so make your own conclusions. If Ample makes you feel and perform great, then awesome. If not, please let me know so we can improve.

The process of striving for perfection requires time and iteration. If anyone claims they’ve come up with the perfect diet, they’re either lying or deluded. We can’t rest on conventional knowledge. If we want accessible health, we need to make a concerted effort devoid of nutritional dogma, using only validated scientific research to inform decisions. This requires a humility to recognize that nature has already made some of the best food in the world. This also requires the best minds of biochemistry, nutrition, and medicine collaborating to improve the formula (or formulas), with Ample itself helping to improve the state of nutritional science.

Over the last several months, I've built something that many people consider to be the best on the market. But it still has a long way to go. As biological and nutritional science continues to progress, and more of you engage in the conversation, the Ample you see today will change and adapt to become closer to the perfect meal. So, tell me what works for you, debate with the science, quantify your results, engage in anyway you can: I need your help in creating the optimal meal (or meals) made with real ingredients that we can possibly put in a packaged form.

My commitment to you.

I'm committing to creating a company that makes a top-tier diet accessible for people wanting to get the most out of life, without having to invest their whole lives in nutrition. Who can trust in a reasonable approach that strives to be the best food possible for a hectic lifestyle, allowing normal people to kick ass at their lives and achieve abnormal productivity. Ample isn’t a diet; it’s not a miracle pill. It’s a complete and healthy meal when productivity matters but there’s no time to think about health. Thank you for your interest.