Optimal Nutrition, Simplified.

Ample is a nutritious, full meal in a bottle prepared from premium, real-food ingredients.

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Optimal Nutrition — Simplified.

Ample is a complete, nutritious meal in a bottle prepared from premium whole foods.

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What's in a meal?

Ample comes in 400 and 600 calorie meal sizes, and two formulas: Ample, and Ample V (Vegan, Lactose-Free). Each meal is ready in moments and is designed to give you sustenance without the energy crash. An Ample meal contains:

Quality Protein

25/37g of quality protein for muscle synthesis and satiety

Healthy Fats

21/31g of healthy fats, including omega-3s and MCTs for fuel

Fiber + Prebiotics

10/12g of 4 types of fiber for digestive health and fullness


6 effective strains for immune and gut microbiome health

Soy Free
Gluten Free
BPA Free Bottles
No artificial sweeteners
No artificial flavors
*Ample V only

Why Ample?

"Ingredient quality is essential to maximizing my performance as an athlete and entrepreneur, but it's been hard to find something convenient that meets my standards. That's why Ample has become a lifesaver--a nutrient-packed, gut-friendly meal whenever I'm busy, traveling, or on the go."

Ben Greenfield
Founder, Superhuman Fitness
Author, Beyond Training

"As a registered dietitian specializing in gut health, I'm always on the lookout for top quality products that are free from fillers and artificial ingredients. Made entirely from real foods, Ample is the first meal replacement that I have felt comfortable recommending to my clients as a convenient grab and go option!"

Tracey Grant
Registered Dietitian
Certified Wellness Health Coach
doTERRA Wellness Advocate

"Ample has quickly become a must have meal for me every day. I use it after my morning training session, ensuring that I get the right macro and micro-nutrients, as well as probiotics, from high quality whole food sources. Personally speaking, and for our SEALFIT tribe, Ample is an invaluable contribution to the health food industry."

Mark Divine
Founder, SEALFIT
Author, Unbeatable Mind

What does Ample taste like?

Ample has a rich, creamy texture, nutty taste, and just the right hints of sweet cocoa and cinnamon.

Our customers enjoy mixing Ample with water, and also with coconut, almond, or dairy milk.

Live life fully with Ample

Our customers love the convenience, nutritional profile, and energy they get from drinking Ample.

When life or work take precedence over sitting down for a real meal, Ample allows you to continue without skipping a beat.

Live life fully with Ample

Our customers love the convenience, nutritional profile, and energy they get from drinking Ample.

When life or work take precedence over a healthy sit-down meal, Ample allows you to eat nutritiously without skipping a beat.


“Whole food is irreplaceable in my life, but I’ve found myself reaching for Ample instead of a morning smoothie or post-workout shake — or when I’m running out the door. It fills a need, and it fills it well.”

John Durant
Author of NYT Best-Seller The Paleo Manifesto

Busy Days

"Ample has been an awesome quick alternative to otherwise unhealthy meals, either at home or when I’m traveling and staying in hotels."

Mike Krieger
Co-founder, Instagram

Pre- and Post-Workout

"I use my Ample as pre-workout and post-workout. I like that I can drink half (300 cals) and then drink the other half in a couple hours. I do cross fit 3 times a week and lift twice a week. Thank you so much for a great NON GMO, clean, packed with nutrients product that will repair and rejuvenate us 49 and 53 year olds. You ROCK!"

Rebecca De La Fuente (R)
Registered Nurse and Mother of 5
Harlingen, TX

About Us

We believe that the food industry requires a massive leveling up. That health foods should be a direct reflection of proper science. That a constant drive for improvement is necessary to achieve optimal nutrition. And that radical transparency and education are necessary to earn the trust of customers.