The #1 Most Funded Food Campaign of all time on Indiegogo!

The #1 Most Funded Food Campaign of all time on Indiegogo!

Complete meal-in-a-bottle made from superior, real-food ingredients.
Estimated Ship Date: January 2017

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What current members of Team Ample are saying

"The last 20 years, I've had the honor and privilege of coaching, training, developing some of the best athletes the world has known [including 4 Super Bowl winners]. My entire career I've searched for a product like Ample."
- Ted Johnson, Ample lifer
"Sometimes our clients get way more confused than they were when they came in; there's just a lot of information [when it comes to nutrition]. Looking through the ingredients, [Ample] totally eliminates 7 or 8 supplements that I buy on a monthly basis."
- Joost Jansen, Ample lifer
"[With Ample] you immediately get all those time-savings. And then you can reinvest that time. [...] Life is short, and so I would really like to spend as little time as possible focusing on the things I have to do, so I can focus on the things I want to do."
- Sam Ward, Ample lifer

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Ample 400 Cal

* Please choose Ample X for plant-based and paleo (vegan-/vegetarian-friendly)

Ample 600 Cal

* Please choose Ample X for plant-based and paleo (vegan-/vegetarian-friendly)
  • "The lifesaver of the day goes to a new product I've been testing out and love, called Ample. It's literally a healthy meal in a bottle. I just mix it with milk or water [...] and I have nutrients quickly on the go. [...] You've got to love the idea of Convenient Health."

    - Baylor Barbee, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Triathlete

  • "[The] best meal replacement drink. [...] Delicious too."

    - Daniel Pardi, PhD candidate in Departments of Neurology and Endocrinology, CEO and Co-Founder of Dan's Plan (Online Wellness and Technology Company)

  • "Ample provided me a long-sought solution for SEALIFT austere training - a healthy grab and go meal in a bottle. Goodby MRE, hello Ample!"

    - Coach Mark Divine, Founder of SEALIFT & NYT Best-Selling Author of “The Way of the SEAL

  • "I really enjoyed Ample's taste. The flavor was great and I especially loved it when combined with vanilla almond milk. I can see Ample being extremely useful for travel, adventures, and even times when you just don't feel like preparing a large meal, especially between workouts!"

    - Dawn Fletcher, Mentality WOD

Production Blog

Shipping Updates and New Nutrition Info!

by Connor Young on November 01, 2016

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