Production Update #2 – Ample Foods

Production Update #2

By Connor Young on

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday!

TL;DR: We’re on track to ship Ample in mid-September.

In our first production update, we let you in on just how demanding we can be when it comes to who we choose to work with. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve selected a co-packer that fits the bill!

They value nutrition above all else, want to grow with us, and are pumped about our being extremely hands-on in the process. Their quality assurance protocols are the bomb, and they have a sophisticated facility dedicated to powders, with a state-of-the-art ventilation system. We’ll be going to their labs and working hand-in-hand with their chemists to make sure we’re always on the same page.

So here’s the plan for the next couple of months:

  • 2-3 more weeks to receive all samples of raw materials from ingredient suppliers – the majority have been nice and speedy, but we also have a couple custom blends causing just a bit more of a hold-up on the front end
  • 1 week where Connor will fly out to Arizona to develop the master sample in the lab – once approved, it will become the sample the product will always get matched to, and we’ll share testing results with you
  • 2-3 weeks to receive all the raw materials in bulk – they go immediately into quarantine
  • 1-2 weeks to test all the raw materials and make sure they are what the suppliers say they are – we won’t just simply trust the accompanying documentation or certifications. Once approved, the materials are categorized by presence of allergen, organic certification, etc. Simultaneous testing and quarantine of all bottles and caps to ensure no contamination
  • 1-2 weeks to move to large-scale production where our whole team will fly out for a secondary approval process: blending and filling will occur in an airtight room, after a few filled and bottled samples go through quality control checks (the product will wait in quarantine until confirmed)
  • 1-2 weeks to conduct all backend testing before packaging into cases
  • Ample then travels to our fulfillment center for distribution and shipping to you!

We’ll hopefully be able to ship both the original Ample and Ample X at the same time, though Ample X may be a couple weeks later. We’ll update you with a firmer timeline here soon. With ample testing, Ample will be amazing!

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