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    A Balanced Look at the Carnivore Diet

    When a friend of mine first mentioned the carnivore diet to me, I thought he was kidding. Are people really only eating meat, and expecting to be healthy? It seemed like another fad diet geared at grabbing attention more than anything. After all, despite the many differences of various popular diets, the one thing we could all agree on is that eating vegetables is good for you. Not anymore. Since Dr. Shawn Baker popularized carnivore a few years ago, thousands of people report that their health and performance have improved on an all-meat, zero-carb diet. Trying to keep an open...

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    Wed, Jun 05, 19

  • Why Antinutrients Aren’t That Big A Deal

    Imagine you’re a plant out in the wild. You’re soaking up sunshine and getting taller and greener by the day. You’re full of nutrients. Life is pretty good. The only trouble is these damn herbivores....

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    Mon, Mar 19, 18

  • Dysbiosis: How To Balance Your Gut For Better Performance

    Your small intestine (gut) is home to trillions of bacteria from hundreds of different species. They compete, cooperate, grow, shrink, and engage in an intricate dance that keeps a healthy balance. Your gut bacteria influence...

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    Wed, Feb 14, 18

  • Prebiotics And Probiotics For A Healthy Gut Biome

    Right now, as you read this, an entire ecosystem of bacteria is living in your gut. In fact, you might be more bacterium than human: we have about an equal number of bacteria and human...

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    Wed, Feb 07, 18

  • How does the Gut Microbiome really affect our health?

    When I was in graduate school, I was working 3 teaching positions, running a clinical study, fulfilling my research data collection and analysis, studying for a “Qualifying Exam,” which would basically determine whether I became...

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    Thu, Feb 02, 17