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    Why Change Is Hard (And How To Stay Motivated)

    How many times have you made a resolution - a workout plan, a lifelong dream, a new diet that will help you burn more fat - only to abandon it a couple weeks later?  If you’ve tried to change, you know how the pattern goes. When you start something new there’s a honeymoon period. You’re really going to stick to it this time, and it’s exciting. It’s refreshing. It’s motivating. But, inevitably, the honeymoon period wears off. Maybe life gets busy, or you hit a sticking point, or you realize that your grand ideas demand a lot more effort than...

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    Mon, Mar 05, 18

  • A Simple Guide To Protein

    Welcome to part three of our macronutrient series! We’ve covered fats and carbs, and now it’s time to take a look at the third and final macronutrient: protein.

    The post A Simple Guide...

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    Mon, Jan 01, 18

  • Should You Eat Carbs?

    Low-carb diets have been getting more and more popular in the last couple decades. Robert Atkins kicked things off in the ‘90s with his virtually carb-free Atkins diet.

    The post Should You Eat...

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    Mon, Dec 18, 17

  • How Does Ketosis Actually Work?

    Welcome to part two of our series on ketosis!
    In the first part, we touched on the basics of a ketogenic diet, as well as its potential pros and cons.

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    Mon, Dec 11, 17

  • Yes Days: A New Approach To Cheat Days

    No matter how you eat, cravings are bound to come up sooner or later. Low fat? Sometimes you want a slice of bacon.

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    Mon, Nov 20, 17