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    Travel Smarter: How To Sleep Like A Baby When You Travel

    Travel is rough on your body. Jet lag, low-quality plane air, cheap food, general stress, unfamiliar surroundings - it all takes a toll. In this series, we’re covering how to thrive when you travel by staying on top of your sleep, diet, and immunity. In this article, we’ll talk about how to sleep better if you’re away from home. You don’t have to settle for compromised sleep when you travel. A good night’s rest can make a huge difference in your trip, especially if you fly a lot for business. Here are four ways to sleep like a champ, even...

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    Mon, Mar 26, 18

  • Why Antinutrients Aren’t That Big A Deal

    Imagine you’re a plant out in the wild. You’re soaking up sunshine and getting taller and greener by the day. You’re full of nutrients. Life is pretty good. The only trouble is these damn herbivores....

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    Mon, Mar 19, 18

  • A Guide To Gut Healing Foods

    Your gut bacteria do a lot. They influence energy, weight, digestion, aging, and more. Gut bacteria even change the way you think. That means building a stronger gut - and populating it with helpful bacteria -...

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    Tue, Mar 13, 18

  • Why Change Is Hard (And How To Stay Motivated)

    How many times have you made a resolution - a workout plan, a lifelong dream, a new diet that will help you burn more fat - only to abandon it a couple weeks later?  If...

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    Mon, Mar 05, 18

  • How Gut Bacteria Influence Your Brain

     We’ve talked a lot about your gut biome - the ecosystem of bacteria and microorganisms that lives in your GI tract (gut). We’ve covered how to balance your gut bacteria for better performance and probiotics...

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    Mon, Feb 26, 18