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We created a meal that is:

  • Convenient and portable, requiring only 20 seconds of preparation
  • Comprehensive and satiating, filled with everything your body needs
  • Scientifically-valid, with natural ingredients from the best quality sources
  • Free of any artificial junk, added sweeteners, GMOs, gluten or soy
  • Great-tasting, with a savory, nutty flavor, and subtle natural sweetness

We packed Ample with 30 of the right proteins, fats, carbs, greens, probiotics, prebiotics to deliver complete nutrition. We’ve researched the science to put the best ingredients nature has to offer all in a single portable bottle. We’ve done our best to make optimal nutrition simple for you.

Superior, natural ingredients.

Humans evolved over millions of years to recognize and absorb ingredients coming from real foods. Ample provides the known and yet unknown benefits of real foods, and avoids unproven and detrimental ingredients to ensure long-term health.

Formula based on sound science.

Whether or not it can be quantified on an FDA food label, we focus on what really matters to your health.

  • Less than 3 grams of sugar to avoid weight gain and excess inflammation
  • 15x the antioxidant value of 1 cup of spinach to fight free radicals
  • 1 to 1 omega-3 to omega-6 ratio to boots anti-inflammation and immunity
  • 10 strains of active probiotics with prebiotics to promote gut microbiome health

Intelligent macronutrient ratio.

Limited clean carbs minimize insulin spikes and weight gain, while sufficient healthy fats and protein sustain activity.


Fat 22g 33g
Carbs 26g 33g
Protein 27g 40g


Nutrition Facts.

Ample X will substitute sprouted brown rice protein for the whey and collagen, as well as remove stevia. You can order Ample X the same way as you order Ample - just be sure to check the "Ample X" box before adding to your cart!

"It appears to be the best meal replacement drink I've seen [...] Delicious too."
- Daniel Pardi, PhD candidate in Departments of Neurology and Endocrinology, CEO and Co-Founder of Dan's Plan (Online Wellness and Technology Company)

Ample works however, and wherever, you do.

Whether you need a solid breakfast to start your day...
... or you need fuel on the go.
You're occupied with a team project...
... or you're recovering from a hard workout.
You're in the zone at your desk...
... or you're in your element in the great outdoors.