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Taste Guarantee

The best meal replacement you've ever had. Guaranteed

Green juices and meal replacements can seem healthy and look good, but often taste terrible unless loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Ample is different:

"I absolutely loved it! Taste was amazing. It reminded me of sweet graham crackers! I mixed mine with almond milk."
- Austin Gravett, Certified Personal Trainer, Founder and CEO of Gravfitt"
"No overpowering taste like in some health or protein shakes. I could taste a hint of nuttiness from the macadamia nut, and a little bit of the whey. Other than that Ample was very subtle with a bit of natural sweetness. [...] It's very fulfilling and satisfying."
- Tasha Castagna, Beauty Blogger, Celebrity Makeup Artist
“Tastes great, and can easily replace 2 of my meals. […] I could live on this"
- Lanre “eLDee” Dabiri, Tech Entrepreneur, Musician
"Sensational formula and best nutrition I've spied in a shake. [...] This is the cleanest protein/energy shake I've had in my life. This former bodybuilder and current workout nut has guzzled down countless shakes. Best I've ever enjoyed."
- Ryan Biddulph, Author of “Blogging from Paradise” and 126 eBooks, Traveler

Hundreds of taste tests have let us land on a natural flavor people love. Which is why we feel confident providing a complete taste guarantee.

If you don’t like Ample, send back for a complete refund on what you didn't drink.