Ample isn’t just for hardcore athletes and nutrition nerds—it’s for anyone who needs “healthy” (in whatever context) to be easy. With a strong community, we want Team Ample to be a place for paleo people, vegans, and people who just don’t have time to plan what’s for lunch. We want Ample to be a place where you can learn about nutrition, talk to other Ample users, and of course, share hilarious memes and GIFs! Teams succeed when they work together, and people achieve success with the support of others. We want to build a healthy community that can be a positive tool to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.


How we’re leveling up.

The truth is, I’m just tired of a mediocre food industry with low standards. We have lofty objectives: leveling up your health, leveling up our science, and leveling up the food industry itself. We want to set the bar high, and realize that it’s going to take the help of the best minds in nutrition (who know considerably more than I do), plus an incredible community, of which you are now a part. So thank you so much for your support!