Ample Changelog

Here we will document notable changes from version to version.

We will always seize any opportunity we believe will enhance the overall quality of our product. Because we believe in constant improvement, and because food systems by their very nature are in a constant state of flux, our products will undergo minor variances as well as larger evolutions.

While Ample’s nutritional profile will always remain in line with our macronutrient goals, routine rebalancing/tweaking of our formulas for various reasons (e.g., to achieve better consistency) may result in slight variations in nutritional facts. Representative labels will be available on our website, but you can always be confident that the nutrition information on the label of the product you have in hand is accurate.

Please feel free to contact us at if you ever have any specific questions!

04.2017: Version 2 of Ample Original

  • Pea protein in place of brown rice protein - pea delivers extra creaminess with a similar nutrition profile, and could be sourced more reliably
  • Sea salt in place of Himalayan salt - we like the flavor profile, and it blends more consistently
  • Switch to an organic cocoa powder from non-organic